AAZZUR is revolutionizing retail banking with its innovative ecosystem.

The world doesn’t need another bank, just a better way to manage your money.

The team behind AAZZUR

Philipp Buschmann, CEO

Serial entrepreneur, with a strong interest in energy and fintech.

Philipp started as a coder but then switched to being a strategy consultant, before trying his hand at entrepreneurship. His first venture went public.

He’s got an MBA from the London Business School, loves being part of the startup world and is also a Techstars alumnus.

Martin Damaske, CFO

Experienced serial entrepreneur and CFO, who has received a licence for a trading bank.

Martin is a founding shareholder of Germany’s leading loan brokerage platform and built up a team of 50 in the securitisation industry.

He started in physics before moving into setting up new businesses in financial services, and thrives on turning an idea into a successful company.

Richard Unger, CTO

IT professional with experience in the fintech and banking, government and telecoms sectors.

Richard has worked on online billing and ID management projects at major telecoms providers and advised several European banks on J2EE development.

His key strength is ensuring delivery of a successful project, even in areas where other teams have failed.


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Product Designer

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AAZZUR's values


We value our right to choose the financial services that suit us, not the provider. AAZZUR lets you bank whenever you want, however you want.


We think retail banking is bust and there’s a better way of doing things. We’re working with other fintechs to build the banking app of the future.


Banking doesn’t need to be complicated. AAZZUR makes life easier by letting you collate and manage all your financial accounts in one app.


AAZZUR gives you a complete overview of your finances, meaning you can concentrate on getting on with your life.