We are working on a new type of bank that helps you manage your money more intuitively across borders

There are a million things each day that a bank could do but doesn’t. AAZZUR will provide all the key banking features and more.

As well as accounts, cards and bank transfers, we use artificial intelligence and an in-app messaging system to offer you a more intuitive financial service, in your own language

One place for your money

“My 17-year-old daughter sent me a photo of some shoes she wanted using the AAZZUR’s in-app messaging. They were for a special occasion so I gave in and sent her the money.”

Maja, 42, Polish, a teacher in the UK

In-app messaging to stay connected

AAZZUR’s in-app messaging feature lets you contact your family and friends and transfer money between you, there
and then

Seen a jacket you’d like for your birthday? Take a snap on your phone and send it to your partner to request the funds and buy them immediately

Bought some cinema tickets for a group of you? Send everyone an in-app message to automatically split the bill before you forget

“My flatmate and I kept transferring small amounts between us for bills.

We now have a shared account with AAZZUR which saves us both a lot of
unnecessary hassle.”

Sarah, 31, sharing a flat in Amsterdam

Access all your accounts from one place

AAZZUR will let you add other bank accounts to our app, enabling you to access all your banking services
in one place

Connecting all your accounts in our app means you can easily track and review your spending, helping you budget and save

This lets you to make payments from AAZZUR's app using funds from other accounts, so moving money is quick and easy

“As a freelancer, my earnings vary, so it’s tricky to save for
the future.
AAZZUR automatically transfers what I can afford into a
savings account so I can put
money aside without even
thinking about it.”

David, 34, writer saving for the future

Local banking services, wherever you are

The world is increasingly connected, with people moving  and travelling more than ever before. We’re a generation that believes the world belongs to us

But accessing and managing
our finances across borders is still a struggle. AAZZUR believes managing your money should be easy wherever you are

We are building an account
that is available in multiple languages, multiple currencies and offers free international bank transfers
as standard

AAZZUR is not a bank and is not yet offering financial services.

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Life is now more social, more integrated and more flexible. Your banking should be too

AAZZUR questions the status quo and gives you more power over your money