Philipp Buschmann,

CEO Philipp Buschmann is a serial entrepreneur, specialising in financial services and resources.

He has a great interest in behavioural economics, which helped inspire the building of AAZZUR’s innovative relationship with the customer.

Having worked as a developer, he has first-hand experience of the banking revolution from both a technological and financial perspective.

Martin Damaske,

CFO Martin Damaske started in physics but moved on to setting up new businesses in financial services.

He built up a team of 50 in the securitisation industry, received a licence for a trading bank is also a founding shareholder of Germany’s market-leading loan
brokerage platform.

Martin thrives on the entrepreneurial thrill of turning an idea into a successful company.

Both Philipp and Martin have taken a company public

The AAZZUR team

The people behind AAZZUR

Richard Unger, CTO

CTO Richard Unger is an IT consultant with experience of working in the fintech and banking, government and telecommunications sectors.

He has worked on online billing and identity management projects at major telecoms providers, and consulted several European banks in the area of J2EE development.

A key strength of Richard’s is ensuring delivery of a successful project, even in situations where other teams have failed.

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AAZZUR is not a bank and is not yet offering financial services.