AAZZUR is next-level financial service that reimagines what a bank can, and should, do

Traditional banks may have digitised their services, but their product offering remains the same as 40 years ago. The world has moved on, why haven’t
the banks?

Using artificial intelligence and the bank as a platform, AAZZUR reimagines banking to offer a service that asks what you want to do and helps you do it, not just sell you another product

AAZZUR – banking evolved

Motivational banking

Building on top of a bank

AAZZUR questions the very role of the traditional bank as simply a place to store money. We use the bank as a starting point and ask what can be built on top of it

We will let you link multiple accounts in the AAZZUR app and then use artificial intelligence to make managing your cash flow quicker and easier

Our smart account will help you analyse your finances, optimise your spending and make savings so you can go on living your life, wherever you choose to live it

Banking can be better than free

AAZZUR has a revolutionary business model. We are the first banking service to align customer motivation with the interests of the business itself

We reward our customers for their financial behaviour, meaning we can offer better-than-free banking instead of a “one-size-fits-all” approach

Here at AAZZUR, we aim to have one relationship with you, the customer, for your entire life – no matter where you choose to be in the world

The traditional bank-customer
relationship is bust

AAZZUR reimagines banking to ask you, the customer, what you want to do and uses artificial intelligence to help
you do it.

We call it motivational banking. Want to attach some money to a video message for your friend’s birthday? We will help
you do that.

Want a reminder that you’d save money for that holiday if you in the gym, rather than the pub? We’ll message you

AAZZUR is not a bank and is not yet offering financial services.

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Get ready for a revolution

AAZZUR solves the problems of traditional banking