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28 January 2020

AAZZUR receives funding from to drive insurtech innovation

AAZZUR is delighted to announce it has received investment from as part of its wider drive to revolutionise bancassurance.

Berlin-based AAZZUR is building a platform that connects banks with digital, third-party insurance and insurtech providers, to enable bancassurance in a digital age.

This means banks, financial services providers and real-economy companies alike can expand their offering with insurance services, while also improving their customer experience.

Paris-based VC firm invests in early-stage tech start-ups developing technologies in order to reshape the life, health, property and casualty insurance sectors. 

Established by Jan Kastroy and Florian Graillot, seeks to leverage innovation and help build the next insurance generation, through supporting an ecosystem of services and technologies. 

Bancassurance is becoming ever more seamless and offers massive opportunities for new players in the sector.’s investment in AAZZUR’s seed round will support the company in helping banks offer insurance digitally. 

“We both see the world of insurance going digital, enabling banks and companies to meet their customers’ insurance needs and build an overall better experience,” said AAZZUR CEO Philipp Buschmann. 

“Having investment and support from such a renowned VC as is a massive boost for AAZZUR and we greatly look forward to working together.” 

Meanwhile,’s Jan Kastory said: “By building a platform that helps banks offer digital insurance products, AAZZUR is the perfect fit with our drive to revamp the insurance industry.”

The European VC company’s Florian Graillot added: “AAZZUR is among few players offering a tech layer, targeting the bancassurance opportunity in Europe.”

Both and AAZZUR will be attending this year’s Paris Fintech Forum 2020 on the 28 and 29 January. 

For more information on how AAZZUR’s technology is shaking up bancassurance through open banking, visit the AAZZUR website. To learn about how astorya is helping support and build the next insurance generation, go to